Life Reflections:

Observations, Memories, and Insights. 

February 1,  2023


To me, treasures are pennies or coins found on the ground, four leaf clovers, pencils found in the hallways, anything really. What is it that makes these things treasures? I am not sure. On a family trip to England, Scotland and Wales last summer, my sister and I purchased hand held metal detectors after we saw a gentleman metal detecting at the port of Plymouth. It was so much fun. We were on a 12 day tour with 20 other people, getting on and off a tour bus to see different places. Every time we got off the bus, my sister and I would take our metal detectors and search for treasures. Everything we picked up was a treasure. A rusted bolt, piece of glass, cool looking rock-all treasures to us. I am a pack rat and keep so many things but to me they are all treasures. I particularly like to keep letters from past runners I have coached or students I have worked with. I keep them and treasure that they took the time to write to me.